What’s New with Nebraska Junior Golf?

What’s New with Nebraska Junior Golf?

A new year brings a number of new items for Nebraska Junior Golf. There is something new being introduced to almost every aspect of the NJG program beginning in 2019. A few of the key changes are explained in the following article.

A major change that will go into effect starting this year on the 9-hole tour will be the opportunity for the players to have caddies. The decision for this change was made with the characteristics and needs of the younger player in mind. NJG invites a parent, grandparent, relative or instructor to help out their junior golfer during their events. Giving the 9-hole tour participants the opportunity to have a caddie provides important benefits to them, which include providing the chance to teach, bond and help the player further enjoy the great game of golf. Having a caddie serves to teach the beginner golfer the rules and etiquette of the game that every golfer should learn, especially at a young age. Caddies can also provide the proper assistance for the golfers as they are transitioning into tournament golf and help support a safe and enjoyable event. For more extensive information, please take a look HERE in the ‘Players Manual’.

Another major change in NJG for this year will be applied in the TEAM Golf events. There is now going to be a “Game Clock” in every event. That time will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. After this duration of time is up, the NJG staff will blow a horn to indicate the end of the round. Teams who have started play of a hole at the time the horn blows are permitted to complete the play of that hole only. Teams may NOT start another hole after the horn blows. EXCEPT, groups who started second (B groups) on their first hole of the day may start and finish one additional hole after the horn blows. If there are still holes remaining after the horn sounds and the round is complete, teams will split the points for all remaining holes. This game clock rule will be in effect for ALL TEAM Golf events, including the post season.

The 2019 NJG Tour schedule will look a little different this year with a number of additional events that will be offered. One of the new locations will be a 2-Day event, one will play host for the 18-hole tour championship, and the others will be regular tour events. The new locations on this year’s schedule are:

  • Kearney Junior Classic –  Kearney, NE  –  Monday, June 10th & Tuesday, June 11th
  • Heritage Hills Golf Course –  McCook, NE  –  Thursday, June 13th
  • Shoreline Golf Club –  Carter Lake, IA  –  Wednesday, June 19th
  • Plainview Country Club –  Plainview, NE  –  Wednesday, July 17th
  • 18-Hole Tour Championship (Champions Run) –  Omaha, NE  –  Thursday, August 1st

Be sure to take a look at the entire NJG Tour schedule for 2019 HERE

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