NJG Tour (9-Hole Events)

Through competitive events, players will develop the skills necessary to take them to the next level. Competition in the 9-Hole Division is meant to teach players more about their game and the Rules of Golf. Our goal is for players to experience a high level of success by playing against competitors of similar ability and on developmentally appropriate golf courses.


Boys 7-8, Boys 9-11 & Boys 12-13 (Intermediate)

Girls 7-8, Girls 9-11 & Girls 12-13

Event Prices

Regular Events: $25.00
Two-Day Events: $55.00
Summit Series Events: Not eligible by age
*Championship event prices will vary

Standard Yardage Played

Boys and Girls 7-8 years old: 1,300-2,000 yards

Boys 9-11 & Girls 9-13 years old: 2,200-2,500 yards

*Yardages are subject to change depending on the course.

NJG Tour (18-Hole Events)

The 18-Hole events are for NJG Boy members ages 12+ and Girls 14+ with intermediate and advanced level of tournament experience. This tour offers 18-hole individual stroke play competitions and are conducted throughout the entire state of Nebraska. Juniors will learn and compete alongside the best junior golfers in the state. The NJG Tour (18-Hole Division) offers Summit Series and Two-Day events that focus on the more experienced golfer with set-up and administration similar to a championship competition.


Boys 12-13, Boys 14-15 & Boys 16+

Girls 14-15 & Girls 16+

Event Prices

Regular Event: $50.00
Two-Day Events: $105.00

Summit Series 1-Day Events: $65.00
Summit Series 2-Day Events: $130.00
(Boys/Girls 14+ & Handicap Requirement)

Spring & Fall Junior Series: $65.00

*Tour Championship event prices will vary

Standard Yardage Played

Boys 12-13: 5,800-6,100 yards

Boys 14-15: 6,200-6,600 yards

Boys 16+: 6,200-6,600 yards

Girls 14-15: 5,000-5,700 yards

Girls 16+: 5,000-5,900 yards

*Yardages are subject to change depending on the course.