Nebraska Junior Golf puts the safety and well-being of our young athletes first and foremost. Every event you send your golfer to will have a NJG Tour Site Director or NJG Staff Member. All Site Directors & Staff have passed the PGA Youth Safety Program and background check and will be wearing NJG logoed apparel. Please teach your young athletes to look for these staff members at events if they have any questions at any time!

Nebraska Junior Golf loves and encourages spectators! However, to ensure safety and an enjoyable experience for all, we require all spectators to follow set guidelines. Each spectator attends a NJG event at their own risk. These guidelines should be followed throughout the entire tournament and will be enforced for the welfare of all in attendance:

  • Stay even or in front of the group you are following
    • Staying behind the group doesn't allow the golfers behind to play up and puts you at risk of getting hit by the group behind
    • Staying ahead of the group can help pace of play as you aid in golf ball searches
    • Observe golf from the rough (not fairways and greens)
  • Caddies are not allowed during 18-Hole Division NJG Tour stroke play events
    • At no time during the event shall advice be given to a competitor during a tournament round under Rule 10.2 of the USGA/R&A Rules of Golf
    • Encouragement well received!
    • Spectators can carry medicine, umbrellas, jackets, water, towels and food for the young athletes
      • Can not carry golf bag
  • Spectators must wear appropriate attire. Please be aware of and adhere to the host facility's dress code
  • Please turn all cell phones to silent or vibrate and take all calls in an area that will not disturb the athletes
  • If you would like to rent a golf car you may do so if they are available at the golf course
    • Rates typically $10 for 9-holes & $15 for 18-holes but may vary by facility
    • Golf cars are on a first-come, first-serve basis

CLICK HERE to sign up for a NJG Membership

Step 1: Have you ever had a GHIN number?
  • YES: Type in the players GHIN number
  • NO: Click the new profile option and enter the requested information.
    • Applicant: Enter player name
  • If the junior has been a NJG member in the past, they have a GHIN number.
  • If you do not know, click the I don't know option and type in the first and last name and state
Step 2: Payment
  • Once you have established your GHIN number you are ready to enter the payment information.
Step 3: Email Confirmation
  • Within 24 hours you will receive an email confirming your membership.

NJG Tour Events

9-Hole Regular Season Events: $25.00

9-Hole Two-Day Events (18 Total Holes): $55.00

18-Hole Regular Season Events: $50.00

18-Hole Two-Day Events (36 Total Holes): $105.00

Summit Series 1-Day Events (18 Holes): $65.00

Summit Series 2-Day Events (36 Total Holes): $130.00

Spring/Fall Junior Series Events (18-Holes): $65.00

Tour Championships:  Prices will vary each year depending on the host site.

Tee Times will be posted no later than five (5) days in advance before the tournament date. An email will be sent out to the player profile account when the tee times are created. Tee times can also be viewed on the schedule page under pairings for that event.

If you contact NJG prior to an event deadline, you are eligible for a refund.  Following a deadline, fee will be refunded in the case of injury or illness if requested prior to the event.  No refunds will be given for any reason after the start of an event.

Prior to a deadline, your fee may be applied to another event.  After a deadline, fees are not transferable.

A small service charge will be deducted from all refunds.

Q: I have two kids and I want to use one email address to receive notifications for both players. Is this possible?

A: You can add information to the email address to make it unique. Here is an example:

The email address wanting to be used for multiple players:

Billy can use the "" and will receive all information for Billy

Sally could use "" or "" and will receive all information for Sally at the same "" email.

Everything after the plus (+) sign, the system views as extra information, and they ignore it when sending the email. This way, both players can have the same email address, but remain unique in our system.

The USGA Handicap System is an integral part of the game, and allows golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equitable basis. For more information click  HERE