Code of Conduct

Nebraska Junior Golf takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities, and sponsors. The NJG requires all participants and their guardians to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. The purpose is to help all NJG participants grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions, both on and off the golf course. These guidelines also create a fun and safe environment for our valued members and their families.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

Any of the following actions by a NJG Registrant at a NJG event, non-NJG event or toward another NJG participant anywhere, constitutes a violation of the NJG Code of Conduct:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct including abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of volunteers, officials and host staff, or abuse of the golf course.
  • Use of smoking or chewing tobacco products, drugs or alcohol.
  • Not adhering to the dress code while at the host facility.
  • Leaving the course during a competitive round without notification to the host professional or a NJG official.
  • Conduct deemed unbecoming of a NJG member, such as acting in anger or creating other distractions.
  • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, host golf course staff or members, NJG staff or volunteers in any medium.

NJG Event - Required Dress at the Host Facility

  • We want you to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing but please check with the host club to see if they have any requirements. Violation of a club's dress code policy may result in disqualification.
  • We recommend and encourage all golfers to wear collared shirts or mock necks with golf appropriate bottoms (non-denim/non-sweat/non-gym). Always safe with a golf shirt and khaki or golf fiber bottoms.

Team Golf - Required Dress

  • TEAM GOLF Jerseys should be worn at all TEAM GOLF Official Events

Prohibited Dress at the Host Facility

  • Tank tops, T-shirts
  • Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans

The NJG may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the Code of Conduct violation:

  1. Issue a verbal or written warning to the player and his/her parent/guardian.
  2. Disqualify the player from the tournament where the violation occurs.
  3. Suspend the player for a portion of the season or the remainder of the year.
  4. Suspend a player from NJG events indefinitely.


In the event of a suspension, the player may submit a written account of the Code of Conduct violation to the NJG Grievance Committee within seven (7) days of the suspension/ disqualification. The Grievance Committee will review all submitted materials, including a tournament staff account of the violation.