Mizuno Junior Fit Program

Mizuno is excited to partner with Nebraska Junior Golf and provide some great prizes for the Player of the Year race in 2020. In their support to continue to grow the game, Mizuno has aligned resources with the Nebraska Section PGA to offer a great program on a tailored custom fit set of clubs to each youth within the NJG membership.

Mizuno knows the challenges of getting clubs fit for a junior player and the worry of outgrowing this set quickly, so they will offer a one time shaft upgrade with each set sold at a nominal fee.  The benefits of this program will allow a youth to get premium, properly fit clubs now and another properly fit set one time as the youth gets stronger, faster, and taller by refitting the clubs and re-shafting using the same heads. This will allow each youth to play properly fit clubs in the important stages of their growth in the game all while alleviating the pain of costly equipment and paying for multiple sets of clubs during this time.

If you have any questions or would like additional details, please reach out to Director of Nebraska Junior Golf, Kurt Karcher, PGA, and he can get you in contact with Mizuno!  Below are a list of dates and facilities that a Professional Territory Rep for Mizuno will be in attendance to take advantage of this great program.

April 23: Centura Hills - Cairo 2-6PM

April 24: Wilderness Ridge GC - Lincoln 2-6PM

April 25: Platteview GC - Bellevue 11-3PM

May 2: Meadowlark Hills GC - Kearney 11-3PM

May 5: Norfolk CC - Norfolk 11-4PM

May 9: Tiburon GC- Omaha 10-2PM

May 22: Highlands GC - Lincoln 4-7PM 

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