NWAGA T.E.E. Grant


The Nebraska Women's Amateur Golf Association recently launched a new
support initiative called T.E.E. Grant (Tournament Expenses Eased) to
support female junior golfers from Nebraska with golf-related expenses.

After completing a T.E.E. Grant application, girls from Nebraska can submit
a request for reimbursement involving golf-related expenses. Golf related
expenses include, but are not limited to: Membership Fees (i.e. NJG);
Competition Expenses (i.e. entry fees, travel, lodging, caddie fees or
meals); Equipment. All submissions will be reviewed by NWAGA's Youth
Development Committee for approval. Those approved will be required to
submit proof of expenses (copies of receipts or other proof of payment). The
maximum support an individual may receive is $500.

For those who are not currently an NJG member, below is information 
on advanced support you could receive to fund your membership cost...
After completing the T.E.E. Grant Application, individuals may request
support for a 2023 Nebraska Junior Golf membership (value $125). The NJG
offers a summer tour full of competitive tournaments for junior golfers and
is the premier resource for junior golf in Nebraska. NJG membership includes
a Nebraska Golf Association membership (GHIN Handicap Index) and Youth on
Course membership (opportunity to play golf for just $5 at YOC courses
nationwide). Approved applicants will receive immediate instructions on how
to register for their hosted membership

You can start the application process at the link below. 

With any questions, please reach out to the below contact info. 
NWAGA: 402-505-4653 ext. 102
Email: cames@nebgolf.org

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