The 2024 NJG Summer event registrations are open! Below is the entire opening date schedule for all NJG Tour Summer events.

  • April 8th at 9am: Regular Summer NJG Tour events and Adult/Junior events registration opens
  • April 9th at 9am: 1-Day Summit Series event registration opens
  • April 10th at 9am: 2-Day event registration opens (Regular and Summit 2-Day events)
  • NOTE: Each age division in the 18-Hole Tour divisions will have an equal cap to allow the same number of players to sign up through April 29th. Starting April 30th, the caps will be dropped and open for all those eligible until the overall event max is reached (if it wasn't met already). The players on the waitlist at that time will be let into each event as long as their is room within the overall field limit. 

To register for events, players first must become NJG Members which is done through our website (www.nebraskajuniorgolf.com). Locate the yellow "Join" button at the top to become a member! Once a member, in order to sign up for events, players must have a player profile using their GHIN number that was activated when they became a member (contact Kurt Karcher at the info below if you don't know a player's GHIN number).

The entire NJG Tour schedule and information about how to register for events can be found HERE

The Adult/Junior events can be found on our website HERE


As an extra benefit in 2024, the NJG Tour will provide a number of opportunities to earn an exemption into the Notah Begay III (NB3) Kansas Regional tournament, played at Firekeeper Golf Club on June 26th – 27th, 2024 in Mayetta, KS. Only players registered for the selected events are eligible to have their scores count toward the qualifier.

There is no additional fee to have a player's score count towards earning exemption for the Kansas Regional. Any player that earns exemption will be contacted by the NB3 staff to register for the Regional Tournament, and may choose to do so (or not) at that time. Please note that NB3 has their own eligibility policies and are solely responsible for handling the official invitations to their regional event.

Click HERE to learn more about the NJG Tour events that will be used as qualifiers, number of spots available, special age divisions and policies for the NB3 Qualifier.
Please reach out with any questions!

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